Who wants to participate in CREATING NEW WORLDS?

Hello dear ones, the NEW YEAR, it seems, will be the year of the eagles.

The chicken years with their constant CLUCKCLUCKCLUCK will be replaced by those reaching for the skies, those facing the sun, those devouring the meat, those getting the prey – being eagle is a different energy. Eagles CANNOT peck at grain.

They CANNOT scratch the ground. They become ill and depressed amidst the chicken cluck cluck and the: come cackle cackle, commme.

Think different – Be different. Without tear down – no new start. Old AND new? BEING OR NOTBEING CHICKEN OR EAGLE

Do I want to be different than I was up to now?

YES – I want to!

Am I ready to leave my ‘Chicken StandPoint’ on which I have made my home, on which I feel comfortable and safe?

YES! – I want to be the eagle that is inside myself!

Am I ready to leave my (sacrificial) LambBeing?


I want to be the lion that is inside of myself! I enter my turnover, my overthrow, my revolution – and step into ReNEWal. And this means: THE NEW, and yet deeply rooted, may rise in me!

EAGLE – instead of chicken!

YES – I scream the EAGLEscream  – and – unlearn the cluck-cluck

LION – instead of lamb!

Yes, I allow the lion inside me to ROAR and – unlearn the baa-baa

YES – I AM ready for MYSELF, for my power of destruction of all smallness.

YES! – I AM ready for MYSELF, for my power of building NEW.

Am I ready to look at this side of myself and to set it free, this strong and wild power of the king of animals, the king of the skies?


I am dancing my wild cosmic dance and singing the song of my soul – OOMM, OM – OM – and am destroying the ignorance that I had succumbed to, sleeping.

Dancing am I destroying my prison, my chicken house. I raise into the skies – am I still me?

Yes, in a new vibration. In a new frequency. In a new language. I am now speaking the language of freedom. Chicken-talk – I DON’T REMEMBER!

The text which I am giving you at the beginning of the new year is EagleNourishment. Devour it – if you like. Fill your cells with it – if you like. The EagleCells are longing for EagleNourishment – fill yourself with it, dear ones. I WANT TO consciously re-install the EagleThoughts, my eternal greatness, my immortality, my BEING CREATOR inside of myself.

Chew it, swallow it, metabolize it – because every thought, every emotion, every word, every new DOING changes M-E and hence my world. Please imagine this, with Ossi and me and you – how many new worlds do we have? YEEEES, I L-O-V-E THIS!!! THIS is transformation in its purest form: Ignorance is being destroyed so that the OLDNEW is FREED again. This is destruction and resurrection.



EagleClarity – EagleExpanse – EagleWorlds

Those who are ready to dive into clarity, will ask themselves, whether they want blab la, or whether they want progress. Essentially, it doesn’t matter. Everyone has everything inside of themselves anyways and since everyone is the source themselves we only need to feed the source with what it is. Then, the eagle will shine. Let us dispense EAGLE FOOD. Then, the eagles will appear. ChickenTransformation. This automatically creates EagleWorlds.

I am enjoying the eagle language:

I greet you, you magnificent being, you flow of life, you radiating beauty. You had the courage to enter the smallness of the body and yet see your eternity, recognize it. You are full of decisiveness and determination to move beyond the limitation of your body and to recognize that you are valuable and important for the happenings not only on planet earth but also in the invisible dimensions; and that you allow everyone, in different visibilities, in different forms and shapes, to participate in your wisdom.Look at yourself – anew and detached from all opinions that you have ever heard about yourself. A different view point at you, at things and conditions around you – changes your world. Every feeling and every thought that you think about yourself changes the energy flow and its frequency which flows out of you, the source in the centre. You always have an effect into vastness when you recognize your BEING anew and when you see yourself as a powerful, conscious stream that nourishes and waters the earth and everything on it.

Be aware, the power of the words that you are reading will open the limitations that you have put yourself under, they will extend them, blast them wide open. Leave the little box which you are sitting in. Stand in vastness. Re-realize that you are limitless eternal ConsciousBEING. You are unique and there is nobody that could replace you. You are unique during your time on earth and during all eternities. You carry all potential inside of yourself. This knowledge is anchored inside of you and, when conscious, has the power to blast open all limitations.

I embrace you with my heart and with a powerful EagleScream that shakes the clouds.